Every product needs good, if not great, User Experience. When people heard about UX, they usually confuse with User Interface. Acutally, User experince is much bigger topic than User Interface - in fact, user interface is part of the UX. What makes good user experience in software?

First of all, people use software to solve their problem. Every components of UX should have the common goal which is to solve user’s problem. I believe these are the major contributor to User Experience in software.

  • User Interface : The user should know easily what to do and what will they get. Don’t make them think.
  • Workflow : User want to solve their problem fast. Make the steps short. The simpler, the better.
  • System Performance : The faster it is, the better user experience. No one want to use slow system. As jeff said, Performance is a Feature.
  • System Stablility and Reliability : How will user feel if the system crashed after he/she took 30 minutes to fill the form?
  • Uptime : The uptime also contributes a lot to user experience. User expect your system is available 24/7. I believe that every system should have at least 99% uptime - total max downtime will be 3.65 days per year or 7.20 hours per month. It also includes scheduled downtime. (Who care? When it is down, it is not available to use. It doesn’t matter either scheduled or not.).